What to wear for travel (and how to pack it)

You’ve bought your plane tickets, mapped your itinerary, booked your hotels, arranged your tours. Now all that’s left? It’s time to pack your bags!

We’ve done a lot of packing in our lives. In fact, for two whole years were were constantly unpacking and repacking every few days as we gallivanted around the globe. We’ve done a lot wrong and also some things right along the way, and this is where we’ll share our best tips to help you pack better for your trip.

How to pack light

Why you need a travel capsule wardrobe (and how to build one)
Packing light with kids

Best packing gear

Hands-on reviews of the best women’s travel backpacks
-Tortuga Setout for women (great for petites!) – my full review
Women’s travel daypacks for every kind of trip

I’m working on an epic hands-on round up of my favorite packing cubes (since we own about a dozen different types). In the meantime, I recommend ebags medium packing cubes as an all-around value choice – the price is reasonable and they’ve been extremely durable over a decade of use.

If you’re willing to spend a little more for extremely good design, check out the multi-functional Peak Design packing cubes – they offer a compression mechanism that actually works and an integrated laundry compartment on the back side for dirty stuff. Plus they weigh nothing and don’t take up any space, so it’s no big deal if you reorganize and one ends up empty. I have the small, medium and shoe bag and love them all!

Packing lists by destination

What to pack for Hawaii
What to pack for Mexico
What to pack for Paris in spring
What to pack for Greece in spring
What to pack for Morocco in spring
What to pack for Ireland in summer
What to pack for Croatia in summer
What to pack for a tropical island
What to pack for Italy in fall
What to pack for Paris in fall
What to pack for New York in winter
What to pack for Spain in winter
What to pack for Israel in every season
What to pack for a year of travel