Get the scoop on what to wear in Morocco in Spring

What should you put on your Morocco packing list for spring? We've got all your essential items... especially what to wear in Morocco in March and April when the Morocco weather can be uncooperative! #Morocco #travel #packinglist

We all see those beautiful pictures on Instagram of model-like influencers wearing low-cut spaghetti strap dresses or tube tops with flowing pants while reclining on bejeweled pillows in the middle of the Sahara. Right? After visiting numerous areas of Morocco, I can tell you that this is not how people dress, and it’s certain to bring you … Read more

The ultimate Morocco bucket list for families

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We’ve been pretty candid about some of the challenges of traveling in Morocco, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth visiting! When we look back at the things we did while we were there, some of the experiences were pretty darn amazing – there are a lot of unique experiences in Morocco. Fortunately visiting Morocco … Read more

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Essaouira Taste: cooking and culture in the Moroccan kitchen

Morocco is a land of enchantment and wonder. When you walk around the seaside town of Essaouira you see Morocco come to life. The smells of spices in the souk will stimulate your senses and your appetite. At the epicenter of Moroccan culture is the food – shopping for it, preparing it, and eating it … Read more