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Where to See Cherry Blossoms in Europe

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Cherry blossoms are more closely related to Japanese culture, but there are actually plenty of them all over Europe as well if you can’t make it as far!

Over the past few decades, plenty of renovation projects and alliances with Japan have brought thousands upon thousands of cherry blossoms to the streets of Europe, providing an added beauty during the spring months to cities and villages.

If you’re curious about where the best places to see cherry blossoms in Europe are, here are some fantastic destinations to visit in spring in order to make the most out of the season in flower-filled wonderlands!

Cherry Blossom Destinations in Europe

1. Zug, Switzerland

Located right next to a lake, Zug is the capital of the Swiss canton of Zug and a beautiful destination to visit in Switzerland, especially for those who love small cities.

Zug is also nicknamed the “cherry country of Switzerland” because it gets blanketed by these flowers during the spring months. This makes spring a great time to visit Zug if you love idyllic places – you won’t only be able to see them all over the city, but also in its outskirts, as there are plenty of hiking and biking trails available for visitors and locals to see them!

Moreover, something else I love about Zug is its beautiful sunsets, which look almost like they came straight out of a painting when seen from the lake. While here, I recommend spending at least a few days simply strolling through the old town, which is made up of cobblestone streets and historic buildings. Coffee culture is huge here too, so you can expect to spend tons of time enjoying a cup of coffee either in town or along the lake!

Where to stay: Choose Park Hotel Zug for a couple’s getaway thanks to its modern feel and on-site spa, or spread out in one of these amazing apartments in the heart of downtown if you’re visiting as a family. Zug is compact and the best cherry blossom hikes leave from town, so either location is convenient.

2. Bonn, Germany

Even though Bonn isn’t usually the first place that pops to mind when you think of a trip to Germany in comparison to Berlin or Munich, during the springtime, this city on the banks of the Rhine River becomes a wonderland of cherry blossoms.

Back during the 80s, hundreds of cherry blossoms were planted all over Bonn as part of a re-development program, and they’ve continued to blossom every year ever since.

A top place to see them in full bloom is all over the Nordstatds neighborhood, especially around the street of Heerstraße which gets blanketed in them every year. Other cool spots to see and photograph the trees are Dorotheenstraße, Michaelstraße, and Maxstraße.

Don’t be surprised by all of the other charming things to do in Bonn, from enjoying the beautiful architecture to visiting Beethoven’s home.

Where to stay: Enjoy the cherry trees right from your Juliet balcony if you choose a city view room at the wonderful Apartmenthotel Kaiser Karl!

3. Valle del Jerte, Spain

Located in Cácered in Western Spain, Valle del Jerte is a valley that contains a whopping 1.5 million cherry trees, making it pretty much the ultimate place to see cherry blossoms in all of Europe.

The best way to see the cherry blossoms is by taking a road trip around the valley. There are two routes available that will not only take you into a world of sakuras, but also give you the chance to stop and explore the nature around the valley as well as its many villages that provide a super local experience.

There are two route options available – a circular one and a linear one, both of which are worth it depending on how much time you have available. I recommend doing both if you have the time.

Aside from simply awing at the beauty of cherry blossoms bringing life into the valley, another great reason to visit Valle de Jerte during the season is in order to attend the Cherry Blossom Festival. This event mixes music, culture, and gastronomy revolving around the tree through markets, open-air celebrations, live music, exhibitions, tasting sessions, and lots more!

Where to stay: Have you ever wanted to stay in a real castle? Parador de Jarandilla is the perfect opportunity! It’s a gorgeously restored 15th century castle with plenty of modern amenities and a serene location to boot.

4. Stockholm, Sweden

If big city vibes and unique photo ops are what you’re after, Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is another incredible destination to see cherry blossoms in Europe.

Trees usually start blossoming around late March and linger all the way through lake April, with April 28th being the “official Cherry Blossom Day”. 

Two surefire places to see cherry blossoms at their best are Luma Park and Bysistorget, Hornsgatan. Luma Park is located in South East Stockholm and it sits right by the ocean, creating a stunning contrast of blue and white, whereas Bysistorget is more of a neighborhood where you can also enjoy restaurants, shops, and cafes, all while being surrounded by the trees!

For the ultimate cherry blossom experience, make sure to attend the cherry blossom festival at Kungsträdgården, which also happens to be another incredible spot to see them even if you don’t make it to the city on the date of the festival. 

The festival brings in a ton of wonderful activities that revolve around the tree, but it’s also designed to celebrate Japanese culture as it is organized by the Embassy of Japan every year. You’ll be able to enjoy music, live performances, an array of food, and so much more during your visit!

Where to stay: Stockholm is actually a set of islands, so no matter where you stay you’ll need to use the excellent public transportation system to get around and explore the different areas. For a fabulous stay, opt for Hôtel Reisen in the Old Town right along the waterfront. You can even opt for a room with a Nordic spa built in!

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5. London, England

London is absolutely gorgeous no matter the time of the year you visit, but spring brings in the added benefit that you can see the city plastered with white and bright pink tones, especially at some of the most famous parks around the city.

You’ll be able to see cherry blossoms along some streets and avenues, but your absolute best bet to see dozens of them is to check out the city’s green areas.

Kew Gardens is considered one of the best places in London to see cherry blossom trees, especially around the Japanese Garden and behind the Palm House.

There’s a £15 admission fee to enter Kew Gardens, so if you prefer free options, you will also be able to find cherry trees at Lancaster Gate in Kensington Gardens as well as other parks such as St. James Park, Regent’s Park, and Greenwich Park.

Where to stay: To make the most of your time in London, it’s best to stay in central London and use the tube to get around. South Kensington makes a great base for transportation and is also walking distance to Kensington Gardens, the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum along with many other lovely areas to stroll. Stay at Gem Strathmore Hotel, a “hidden gem” if you will – it’s tucked away in a great location and offers a variety of room sizes without busting the budget compared to other London hotels.

6. Paris, France

It’s not exactly a secret that Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world, and when you add a splash of cherry blossoms into the mix, it becomes a treat to witness!

You will be able to spot cherry blossoms here and there all over the city, but the best place to see lots of them is Champ de Mars, a huge public park right in the heart of the city. This park is located a stone’s throw away from the Eiffel Tower, so you’ll be able to get gorgeous views and unique frames of the tower if you’re a photographer!

Another great spot to see them if you prefer to go somewhere more low-key is Parc de Sceaux, a smaller and more local park in the southern side of Paris that only locals know of. I only knew about this place thanks to a local friend I met during my trip!

Where to stay: It’s hard to beat staying the the 1er arrondissement for that old Paris charm! Hotel Lumen Paris Louvre is close to iconic sites like the Louvre, Jardin des Tuileries, Musée d’Orsay and the Marais and an easy walk or metro ride just about anywhere else. It offers rooms for 1-4 people to suit any needs.

7. Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia is a city that is a lot more low-key than most others listed in this post about the best cherry blossom destinations in Europe, which is exactly what makes it such a treat to visit if what you’re after is a bit of a hidden gem.

There aren’t as many cherry trees here as in other spots in Europe, but you’ll find a beautiful array of them in a street called Šulekova Street, which is located in a super non-touristy neighborhood and is generally very quiet. Another superb spot to see them is at King Tomislav’s Square, which is located right next to the Art Pavilion and also full of magnolia trees!

Where to stay: Stay in the heart of it all at Hotel Dubrovnik, which offers a prime location, nice rooms and even free breakfast. You can walk anywhere you want to go in 15 minutes or less!

8. Berlin, Germany

The German capital is another wonderful destination to see cherry blossoms. Spring brings is a beautiful flair to an already beautiful city, and these trees are a huge part of what makes these months ultra special in Berlin!

A favorite place to see them is on a trail known as the “Mauerweg”. This trail runs along a section of the Berlin Wall as the cherry blossoms were a gift from Japan when the wall fell! You’ll find thousands of trees here, and the trial runs for hundreds of meters, allowing for tons of photo ops, especially if you arrive early in the morning!

Aside from that, if you happen to visit Berlin at the right time, you can also attend the annual Hanami Festival, which is an event created in order to celebrate the trees and Japanese culture. Food, cultural offerings, music, and picnics are just a few of the things you can enjoy here. The festival is held right on the trail mentioned above, so I recommend visiting it on two different dates (one to attend the festival and the other to get the trail all to yourself as it gets pretty crowded during the event dates).

For a cherry blossom hidden gem in Berlin, you can find another series of trees in the Lichtenberg neighborhood inside Landscape Park on Hegenower Ring. The park only features about 50 trees, but it provides a pretty quiet experience and also gives you the chance to explore a lesser-known neighborhood in one of the most famous cities in the world.

Where to stay: Prenzlauer Berg is a great, central area to stay in when you visit Berlin – it offers a solid access to public transportation, a great food scene and tons of charm. Spread out and relax in one of the beautiful apartments of Schoenhouse Berlin City Street.

Have you ever been to Europe in spring? What are some other incredible destinations in Europe to see cherry blossoms? If you have any other recommendations of great places to find them, please drop them in the comment section below!

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