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10 unique travel theme gifts for the home

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Every year the holidays roll around, and every year we’re out scouring for unique presents that will delight our loved ones. Whether they’re useful gifts or romantic gifts, the whole point of giving them is to make people happy.

So short of sending them on an epic adventure (which is a little tricky in 2020), what are some great gifts for travel lovers to tide them over between trips? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas that your loved ones will love to look at day in and day out. They might be reminded of the hometown they left behind, their favorite city to explore or even special moments in their own lives.

But let’s get a little creative here, shall we? You probably gave your favorite traveler one of these last year (and perhaps this one the year before). The gift ideas you’ll find in this guide are probably ones you’ve never seen before! We can’t wait to hear which ones you love… and we won’t tell anyone if you pick up a few for yourself.

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Geode state ornament

Here’s a thoughtful gift for hosts who have a tree to decorate! Whether they have some serious state pride or are living far from home, these are perfect. They’re handmade from a combination of stone, glass and glaze and meant to emulate the look of a cracked geode. Order soon, because some states are already out of stock!

$15 each

Color map mug

If I had to pick one item off this list to buy, it’d probably be this. You can think of these colorable mugs as the cousin of the scratch map, but they have a few key advantages. First, they’re not the same exact thing that everyone has. Second, the lucky folks you give these to will get to use and enjoy them up close and personal every morning. Third, everybody can have their own so that in a family you’ll see the unique maps reflecting each person’s travel experiences! You can keep coloring more countries and curing in the oven to encapsulate a lifetime of travels. It’s one of the most unique map-themed gifts I’ve seen.

There are just two caveats. The mugs require hand washing (which make sense since you’re coloring on them). And the mug only comes with a green marker, but you can remedy that by purchasing additional markers from the same product page.

$24 each

Image credit: UncommonGoods

Etched skyline wine glass

If you’re looking for a great gift for a wine lover who also loves exploring America – or even just loves her own city – these stemless wine glasses are a perfect gift. There are dozens of US cities to choose from and they showcase some of the most iconic skyline features. These are also a fun sentimental gift because you can mix and match a set based on places that are meaningful to the recipient – where they’re from, where they went to college, where they got married and more!

$24 each

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Urban map glass

Whether you’re looking to satisfy the spirit drinker or the water drinker, these intricately etched glasses are perfect for city lovers! They show all the major roadways and neighborhoods using designs that have just the right amount of contemporary. They’re also affordable enough to make a great host gift this holiday season.

Bonus: they’re made right here in Ohio!

$16 each

Image credit: UncommonGoods

City skyline bookends

Of all the items on this list, I might be most excited about these book ends. If you’re shopping for a book lover who is also a travel-lover, this is the gift you absolutely have to get them! The options aren’t as extensive as some of the other gifts, but you can choose from plenty of iconic city skylines like New York, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco or Seattle.

$65 each

Image credit: UncommonGoods

50 states traveled journal

I so wish I’d had this journal before we visited 19 states in as many months! It’s the perfect way to remember the fun details of the great American road trip, so if you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves traveling in the USA pick up one of these for sure.

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$30 each

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Protect the animals mugs

These gorgeous handmade mugs are the perfect gift for someone who loves traveling to see wildlife up close! They’ll remember their time trekking with Gorillas in Rawanda, walking with elephants in Thailand or spotting parrots in the Amazon every time they pour their morning coffee. It’s also a great opportunity to let your wildlife-loving friends do some “armchair travel” if you can’t swing gifting them an entire trip.

$40 each

Image credit: UncommonGoods

Map of our hearts

This is probably the most romantic travel-themed gift on this list, and I love that there are so many ways you can customize it! Each half of the heart is taken from the map of a different place. You can gift it to your own partner and highlight the cities you’re from. Or you can select the place where a couple met and the place where they got married. There are so many different options (including different map colors and frame colors) to make this a cherished gift, especially if you’re searching for travel themed wedding gifts.

$130 each

Image credit: UncommonGoods

Coastal and lake art serving tray

Talk about a unique gift! This gorgeous laser-cut wooden tray showcases whatever body of water is truly meaningful to your loved one. It’s a wonderful travel-themed gift because it’s completely personal. The selection is best for US lakes an beaches, but you’ll find options around the world including many European countries, Japan, Costa Rica… and even Saturn for the ones who are more interested in space travel.

$169 each

Image credit: UncommonGoods

Hand-embroidered city pillows

Searching for a New York themed gift or Washington DC themed gift? These will definitely fit the bill! Each one does a great job highlighting what makes a city special. They’re perfect gifts for people who have moved away from home or have a special connection to a city. And yes, they’re super expensive – but have you seen how much embroidery is on them???

$196 each

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