Exploring the D-Day sites of Normandy with kids

“La douleur m’a brisée, la fraternité m’a relevée, de ma blessure a jailli un fleuve de liberté” “Pain broke me, brotherhood uplifted me, from my wounds sprang a river of liberty” -Paul Doret When we saw that our France road trip would take us all the way to the Atlantic coast, there was no question … Read more

The ultimate Morocco bucket list for families

Don't miss this Morocco family travel bucket list! We'll show you favorites from 8 bloggers with different budgets, interests and ages. Click to read or pin it for later! #Morocco #Africa #Marrakech #Fez #Essaouira #familytravel #travel #travelplanning

We’ve been pretty candid about some of the challenges of traveling in Morocco, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth visiting! When we look back at the things we did while we were there, some of the experiences were pretty darn amazing – there are a lot of unique experiences in Morocco. Fortunately visiting Morocco … Read more

The best things to do in Essaouira – and why it should be your first stop in Morocco

If you’ve read our candid behind-the-scenes thoughts on traveling in Morocco, you’ll know already that we thought Essaouira was a great place to visit! There are so many awesome things to do in Essaouira – with kids or without – and you can get a real flavor for Morocco without some of the challenges of … Read more