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3 Awesome Kids Magazines You Should Subscribe To Today

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As a kid, there’s nothing better than getting mail! I used to love running to the mailbox every day after school, hoping I was cool enough to get something. Now it’s just bills, political ads and lawn care coupons. #Adulting

But my kids still love getting mail for the same reason I used to: every month they get stuff that’s just for them and it’s always something fun. The best kids magazine subscriptions give kids something exciting to look forward to and then keep them entertained for hours, as they unwittingly develop their reading skills and learn more about the world beyond their homes and cities.

I’ve subscribed to plenty of magazines for kids over the course of my life. Here are a few of my all-time favorites that I think your kids will love too:

National Geographic Kids Magazine

National Geographic Kids Magazine is a fan favorite in our house! I love that it sparks the same curiosity in my kids as the original magazine has sparked in me over the decades. It covers a wide range of topics from animals to nature to technology that school-age kids will love and read over and over. There are even interactive activities for the whole family!

Many issues come with bonuses, like punch-out animal trading cards or miniature LEGO storybooks. Our son constantly asks when the next issue is coming, even if he just got one the same week. No joke!

Bonus: Curious kids will also love the whole range of National Geographic Kids books. My son is a huge fan of these:

If you have a preschooler at home, she’ll love National Geographic Little Kids Magazine too! We received that one for a while and it’s perfect for younger explorers.

Ranger Rick Magazine

If you have a young animal-love, Ranger Rick (and the younger Ranger Rick Jr.) are the perfect choice! They’re extremely educational and cover tons of animals that range from backyard critters to truly exotic creatures. It’s a publication of the National Wildlife Foundation, so your subscription is supporting a great cause to boot! I always loved getting this way back when I was a kid.

Spider Magazine

For thoughtful kids who love to engage with stories and storytelling, check out Spider Magazine (part of the Cricket Media family, which offers tons of choices for different ages and interest). The illustrations are beautiful and the entire magazine is ad-free!

Younger kids can check out Ladybug and Click, while older kids can lean into Ask, Faces or the original Cricket.

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