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Visiting Dublin with kids

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Dublin is the beginning of most visits to Ireland for one simple reason: it has the biggest airport in the country, and therefore receives most of the international flights. As I mentioned in our trip report, one factor that helped our decision to visit Ireland was the newly-launched non-stop service from LAX. While Dublin wasn’t the focus of our visit to Ireland with kids, it made a great starting point for our trip. We only spent two nights in this charming city, but if we’d had more time a third night would have been even better. Read on for some great ideas on activities to do in Dublin with kids.

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We’ve arrived! 

June finally rolled around and we were on our way! Our flight there was a red-eye, which has its pros and cons. The benefit is that there is less time for the kids to be bored, but the challenge is that no one sleeps especially well or long enough. Overall, the kids did great and it was the first time Shoshana watched a movie for more than five minutes without asking me to un-pause it. Yay! As you can see, they even got some rest.

By the time we landed in Dublin, got our rental car and drove to our Airbnb apartment it was mid-afternoon. We were greeted by one of the most charming vacation rental hosts we’ve ever had, a single young man in his 20s. Let’s say that while he was sweet and helpful, the apartment wasn’t quite what we had expected – it was newly acquired and the facelift wasn’t quite (picture a spare washing machine hanging out in the living room).

The other minor complication was that our kind host had gone to the local Mothercare shop and explained that he needed a small crib to use for guests in the apartment, but when we arrived in the master bedroom we saw before us a Moses basket and several teeny tiny little sheets. For an almost two year old. Ronnie is a kind soul and told him we’d make it work; I am a practical woman and suggested that he’d be better off exchanging it for a travel cot and showed him which one to buy on the Mothercare website.

Needless to say we were relieved to see that the living room sofa was actually a daybed that opened up to full size. A few strategically placed pillows later, Shoshana was in big bed heaven! Jacob was also a very happy camper, with his own bedroom and full-sized bed. While we had to work a little that night to convince Shosh that it really was bedtime and that really was her bed, everything worked out well in the end and we were reminded of the importance of flexibility.

We’re fortunate that we didn’t run into any bad weather during our time in Dublin. But if you happen upon a rainy day in Dublin, try out these kid-friendly indoor activities!

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dublin with kids
Flexibility is key: Unexpectedly, Shoshana’s first time sleeping in a real bed!

A grand evening in Dublin with kids

In addition to the beautiful weather, another reason to visit Ireland in June is the bountiful daylight, with sunsets after 9pm. To adjust as quickly as possible we headed out for a stroll to find some dinner and soak in the ambiance. Though it’s certainly a city, Dublin is a far cry from Los Angeles – smaller, much older buildings, open spaces, pedestrians everywhere. We wandered down to the tourist-heavy Temple Bar area and found ourselves a classic dinner: fish and chips.

It would be an understatement to say that I ate a lot of fish and chips during our time in Ireland (we do not eat pork or shellfish and I also don’t eat red meat, so pickings were sometimes slim). We managed to get some food into the kids while plotting out our activities for the next day. On our way back to the apartment, we made the all-important grocery stop so that we’d be set for a quick breakfast in the morning. Don’t forget to bring a packable, re-usable grocery bag! Perfect for bringing food back to your apartment and then packing a picnic lunch. We often used the bread bag to pack our sandwiches for the day if there were no storage bags provided in the apartment.

Pro tip: If you’re visiting Dublin with kids, bring a single stroller. You’ll see that on every international trip we’ve taken, even with two kids. First, it makes life much easier when lugging the stroller down the jetway in its gate check bag. Second, cars in other countries are much smaller and we have to fit luggage too. Third, and most important, in many cities and towns the shops and restaurants just aren’t built to accommodate huge strollers. During our walk to dinner, the little one fell asleep; since our ride was pretty narrow, we were able to park it next to us on the patio and let her rest until the food came. We’ve always managed just fine with a carrier to transport Shoshana when necessary.

Exploring Dublin with kids

After we all slept like babies, it was time for the real fun to begin. Our sister-in-law Abby and brother-in-law Zack had given us the low-down on touring the Guinness Storehouse, which was just around the corner from our apartment. The main area has a great self-guided tour to learn about the brewing process, though it is definitely geared more to adults than kids. However, upstairs there are sections dedicated to the trains and boats used to transport Guinness through history and the some the company’s cheeky advertising over the decades. These areas completely won over the kids!

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Behold the crown jewel of the Guinness Storehouse:

But grown-ups need some fun too, so we headed to the Guinness Academy to learn how to pour the perfect pint. We were initially disheartened to walk up and see a huge line, but the manager saw us with the kids and immediately ushered us into an empty Academy room in the back rather than making us wait. Talk about kid-friendly! Within five minutes the rest of the “class” had arrived and the lesson began.  We learned all the secrets to pouring the perfect pint (hint: it’s all about angle and timing) and then got to enjoy our beers while we headed up to Gravity Bar to take in gorgeous panoramic views of the city.

Dublin panorama from Guinness Storehouse
Panoramic view from atop the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

After lunch at the Storehouse, it was time to head out for our stroll to the other side of Dublin for a visit to Trinity College and its world-famous library. Naturally, Jacob fell asleep on the way there and slept through nearly our entire visit. I’d highly recommend the tour – tickets were only a few Euro but our engaging tour guide, a recent graduate, really made the history of the school come alive and provided wonderful context. After the tour we were able to visit the library, “The Long Room”, which is even more spectacular in person than in pictures. Fun fact: within each row, books are arranged with the largest on bottom and the smallest on top. Head downstairs to see the famous Book of Kells, a 9th century illustrated gospel. If your kids love their local library, a visit to Trinity offers a great sense of perspective!

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Once we finished touring, we took advantage of the perfect weather and the grassy quad of the College to give the kids some freedom. Shoshana quickly befriended an Italian girl and they played and shared snacks like old friends. Once the girls dispersed, it was time for us to start thinking about dinner – between Ronnie and the kids, someone is always planning their next meal. We strolled back to the popular Temple Bar area and found a friendly Italian restaurant where we felt confident that our picky kids would leave with full bellies.

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More importantly, it was just a few doors down from The Parliament Hotel’s Legends Bar, where we learned that we’d be able to catch some music on the early side since it was a Sunday evening. The musicians were young Dubliners and they brought amazing energy to the evening. It was our favorite live music performance of the whole trip! Enjoy a snippet here:

And now I’ll explain the origin of this post’s title, Music and Milk Snacks. Our strategy for keeping the kids happy while we enjoyed adult beverages and live music revolved around milk. A tall glass of cold milk, a warm mug, or even a bowl of ice cream – and no complaints from the kids! For the duration of our trip, Jacob asked nearly every night after dinner to go for “music and milk snacks”. It worked out perfectly for our family – most nights music started at 9pm, which is the same time that kids are technically supposed to be out of pubs. We usually stayed until 9:30 and got the kids to bed by 10 or 10:30, which is a typical vacation schedule for our family.

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Have you visited Dublin with kids? What were your favorite experiences?

Trip report: Dublin with Kids
Trip report: Dublin with Kids

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27 thoughts on “Visiting Dublin with kids”

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience traveling with a family to Ireland. Even though I studied abroad in the UK for 4 years, I never made it to Ireland! I wonder if the fish and chips taste different over there!

  2. Great post! I love how you have little video like that fish shrimp on a bicycle?! Guinness is one of my favorite beers (I’m a dark beer gal) so that’s pretty awesome, it’s one of the reason I want to go to Dublin. You’re children are adorable!


  3. This post particularly hit home with me because my stepdad passed away last month. He was of Irish descent, and his dream was to visit Ireland. He never made it, but we have kept his ashes and will be taking a family trip there to spread them where he had always wanted to be. We’ll be going with my niece and nephew, a 5 year old and an 8 month old, so this information will be quite useful. I’ve bookmarked it for future reference. Thank you

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. Your trip will be an amazing tribute to his legacy.

      When you’re ready to start planning your trip, I’m happy to help! The full trip report has tips and activities for the whole family across much of Ireland.

  4. Looks like the whole family had a great time. I’ve never been to Dublin, or anywhere in Ireland in fact. I should considering it’s less than an hours flight from the UK.

  5. It looks like you had a great time in Ireland! It must be nice knowing that you can take the little ones on long-haul flights without too much trouble. More big family trips are in your future, I’d say!

  6. I really love Dublin, I haven’t gone there with kids though. I did really love the Book of Kells and also Dublin Castle. St. Stephens green is such a nice little park. I have been several times and would love to go back.

  7. I liked Dublin! Was there just an hour or so, so definitely looking forward to coming back. We are a young couple, no kids, so now looking for some nice activities in Dublin.

  8. Your little ones are such cuties. I love the idea behind Music and Milk Snacks, might try it on my nieces and nephews! I’ve only seen libraries like that in movies, would be great to see it in person! Haha I didn’t know that Guinness had a storehouse fish? That’s a little odd and funny to me!
    It looks like you and your family had a blast in Dublin.

  9. I love the fact Guinness and kids can work together – and how great of them to let you slip the queue. Is ages since I was in Ireland, time for a return. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  10. Loved reading this! I live over the water in Cardiff and I’ve been to Dublin three times child-free, great city!
    I loved every that your host had bought a baby cot!! And love the milk treats 🙂 lovely! #citytripping

  11. Aw, bless the 20-odd year old Air B’n’B host buying a moses basket for a 2 year old! The Long Room looks stunning, as do the views from the Guinness Brewery. Will have to try the whole ‘music and milk’ concept, sounds like it works! #citytripping

  12. Dublin is such an amazing city and a great place for taking kids – I visited there before having my own but was working as an aupair. I also took the train across to Galway which was equally amazing

    Great post

    Laura x

  13. I would love to visit Ireland with my kids and I love your Music and Milk story! 10ish is a typical bedtime for us when traveling too. Have to squeeze as much as possible in! #citytripping

  14. We spent three days in Dublin last summer with our two boys, and had a great time! We visited the Guinness Storehouse too! We enjoyed the library at Trinity College, as well as the campus tour. A train ride to Malahide Castle was also a highlight! Lovely post! #citytripping

  15. How fantastic that you didn’t have to wait in the Guinness Museum queue! We’d love to visit Dublin. #citytripping


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