Need help with affiliate marketing?

“I’ve never earned a penny from my blog.”

“I think I’m doing everything right, but affiliate marketing just isn’t working.”

“Ads pay so much more than affiliates!”

Have you ever thought one of these? Do you feel like you’re working hard but your blog isn’t?

If you’re already getting solid traffic but can’t figure out how to monetize it effectively with affiliates, we might be a match made in digital heaven. I can help you leverage your existing content and build new complementary content to grow your earnings through passive income.

Because that’s the dream, right? I’ve spent most of the last few months hanging pool-side with my kids while earning enough to pay the mortgage thanks to organic traffic that drives affiliate earnings.

How can I help you?

I confess: I’m an affiliate marketing geek.

I love spending hours analyzing how individual partners and even specific links are performing. Should I use a button, a table or a text link? What’s converting better? Should I focus on direct relationships, major networks, or an aggregator like Skimlinks? What’s paying a better commission? What’s the next article I should be writing to boost my affiliate earnings? How do I track my progress and measure success?

These are the burning questions that keep me up at night (or something like that). But thinking about those details is how I’ve managed to build multiple successful affiliate marketing businesses earning tens of thousands of dollars every month as a “soloprenuer”.

Together, we can answer some of these important questions for your website to help you grow your income and find more freedom.

Affiliate marketing consultation

If you want ideas to turbo-charge your affiliate marketing strategy, this is the place to start. You’ll receive the following:

  • Introductory call to find out where you are and where you want to be
  • Evaluation of up to 5 articles for potential affiliate opportunities, including implementation ideas (we’ll pick these together based on a combination of your analytics as well as earning potential)
  • Recommendations for new affiliate programs for you to join
  • Suggestions of complementary affiliate-oriented content for you to create
  • Strategy call to review action plan
  • Summary notes to help you implement your plan

This service is completely personalized. I’m looking at your site and providing actionable strategies to improve your profitability.

Hands-on help

Love the ideas but don’t have the time to implement them yourself (or just don’t want to)? I’m here to help! After your consultation, I can implement your personalized plan at the following rates:

  • $150 per article for the first 5 articles (the ones that we analyzed in your consultation)
  • $200 per article for subsequent articles (articles that haven’t yet had a “deep dive”)

For logistical reasons, you’ll be responsible for applying for new affiliate programs on your own – no need to share your Social Security Number with me!

What you won’t get

If you’re brand new to blogging, you won’t benefit nearly as much from my help as if you already have a steady stream of traffic from Google or Pinterest. While you can earn affiliate commissions from one-off social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the constant care and feeding they require makes them less powerful for long-term passive income.

For newer bloggers trying to learn the ropes, I highly recommend Sharon Gourlay’s Digital Nomad Wannabe resources. She offers an extremely comprehensive course to take you from a total newbie to successful professional blogger in 10 weeks (full of lots of hard work, no gimmicks).

If a paid course isn’t in your budget, Sharon offers invaluable free resources as well. Check out these totally free challenges to grow your new website:

I’ve used these free tools to build my businesses and can’t recommend them enough!

Many affiliate marketing strategies apply across all niches. My deepest knowledge of specific programs is in travel , outdoors and parenting, as those are the niches in which I have been most successful. That said, I have dabbled in a few other niches and made money in pretty much all of them!

Ready to start earning more?

Once you’re ready to start making the most of your blog traffic to earn more money, email me here to set up our initial phone call.