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"Renting a car in Alaska is the best way to explore much of the state."

Best way to rent a car in Alaska: In advance

Reserving your car in advance also allows you to get the vehicle class you prefer, whether you want a compact car or an SUV to fit all the people and your luggage.

Check your credit car for rental car coverage

The most important thing to know about using your credit card for rental car insurance in Alaska is that you must decline all coverage offered by the rental car agency.

All of the major airports have rental cars in them, no shuttles needed

The great news about flying to Alaska and renting a car is that all of the rental car depots are attached to the airports! This includes renting a car in Jeneau, Fairbanks and Anchorage.

Gas is expensive and sometimes hard to come by

If you’re road tripping in Alaska you fill up when you need to fill up. Some towns like Soldotna and Kenai offer a few choices but otherwise you take what you can get and smile.

Many roads are prohibited by rental car companies

Some of the roads are in generally bad condition, which means your rental car is more likely to be damaged and it will be harder for a tow truck to get to you. Some are so remote that if you did have a problem, you wouldn’t have any cell service to call for help.

Get to know Alaska car seat laws

Just as you wouldn’t drive your child around unsecured in the lower 48, you shouldn’t take unnecessary risks in Alaska.

Driving in Alaska can be slower than you expect

Alaska summer driving will likely include some slow-downs for road work. Wildlife sightings can also slow things down as people pull over to the side of the road when they see something cool. 


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