At what age can a child snorkel?

The earliest age to start snorkeling with a child will vary based on their comfort in the water and how well they can follow directions.

There are certain mechanics they need to learn to effectively breathe through a tube, but more importantly they need to stay composed and trust that they can breathe and float.

Kids snorkel set

What snorkeling gear for kids do you need?

This generally consists of a kids snorkel mask and a children's snorkel. We bring our own kids snorkeling set when we travel, as many tour companies or rental outfits just don’t have the right sizes for young children.

Snorkeling flippers for kids

Snorkeling flippers can be helpful for kids to move around more comfortably in the water and increase their buoyancy.

Life jacket for kids

Our kids always wear a lifejacket when snorkeling – we wouldn’t consider otherwise for them and consider it an essential component of child snorkel gear.

The best kids snorkel set for every age

This cool inflatable raft gives kids an unobstructed view of the water!

Other things to pack for snorkeling vacations

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